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Welcome to DBASco.com, a MSSQL DBA and Site Reliability Engineering Technical Blog. This site is fully maintained by Peter Whyte, an experienced SQL Server DBA with a background in IT Operations.

DBASco is a place that will help you become a better SQL DBA, Developer, or general SQL Server user. We’re diving into a variety of topics including SQL Server, PowerShell, WSL, Linux, MySQL, Postgres, Azure, AWS, and more.

There will be a strong focus of SQL Server related content, exploring a wide range of topics including database backups, recovery strategies, High Availability (HA), query performance optimization, security, and more. We are not restricted here and will post in-depth discussions on Linux Admin, PowerShell Scripting, and Windows Subsystem for Linux.

I hope you enjoy following along with me here at DBASco on a journey towards mastering Database & System Engineering, making our infrastructure more reliable along the way!

Author: Peter Whyte

Peter Whyte

MSSQL DBA & Technical Blogger

Peter Whyte is an experienced Database Administrator (DBA) skilled in maintaining High Availability SQL Server environments, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing database performance. With a background in Systems Administration and IT Support, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role at GoDaddy as a Site Reliability Engineer. Passionate about Website Management, Peter balances work and family life while prioritizing teamwork, clear vision, and effective communication. Connect with him on X or LinkedIn for opportunities or inquiries.