This page contains a list of blog posts that I somehow determine to be in my Other category. It all aligns with Database and System Administration in the end. This includes my WSL posts, which I’m definitely a fan of.

1. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Setup and Configuration:

What is WSL?
How to Install WSL on Windows
How to Set Your Default WSL Distro
Downgrading WSL Distributions: Going from WSL 2 to WSL 1
Restarting WSL Linux Distributions
WSL: Basic Commands

2. Terminal Configuration and Usage:

Windows Terminal: The Best Terminal for Windows (2024)
Windows Terminal: How to Split Panes

3. Database Management:

Installing and Configuring AWS CLI on Ubuntu
Installing Postgres on Ubuntu 20.04 for WSL
Listing Schemas, Tables, and Columns in Redshift and Postgres
RedShift: Script to Show Running Queries
RedShift: Creating a User and Promoting to Superuser
Most Common SQL Commands

4. Networking and Security:

How to Identify Listening Ports on Windows
How to Install Firewalld on WSL Ubuntu
Systemd is Available on WSL