SQL Server Script: User Permissions Audit

As a Database Administrator (DBA), managing and auditing user permissions is a crucial aspect of ensuring the security and integrity of a SQL Server environment. Having a script to check a user’s permissions quickly is key to day-to-day support as a DBA.

This SQL script below performs a comprehensive audit of SQL Server user permissions, providing valuable insights into roles, groups, and associated permissions within each database. It covers both Windows and SQL Server logins, offering a clear snapshot of the users’ access across the server. Hope it’s what you were looking for!

SQL Server User Permissions Audit Script

The script’s output includes valuable information such as server name, database name, user roles, Windows groups, and SQL users:

SQL Server User Audit Script

This information is invaluable for ensuring the security, integrity, and optimal performance of the SQL Server environment, especially in scenarios involving Availability Groups where synchronization is critical.

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