SQL Server Script: Show Database Growth Events

Explore this script designed to reveal database and log file growth events within a SQL Server instance. This resource proves invaluable for administrators overseeing SQL Servers that only come into focus during troubleshooting scenarios. Even without the luxury of proactivity, understanding database growth remains pivotal. Learn how to efficiently extract this information and take charge of managing your SQL Server environment.

Script to Showcase Growth Events in SQL Server

This script, executed within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), returns details on growth events, allowing you to identify databases experiencing changes in real time.

Query Showing SQL Server Database Growth Events

Enhance your database growth monitoring process with this script and consider filtering results in tools like Excel. For more advanced analysis, explore saving the data to a table and aggregating total growth per database, adding an extra layer of insight to your SQL Server management practices. You may already get this type of information via a monitoring tool (E.g. RedGate Monitor or Solarwinds).

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