SSMS Filter Rows

How to Filter Objects in SSMS

This guide simplifies the process of filtering objects in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), a handy feature often used by MS SQL DBAs to quickly locate tables, SQL logins, stored procedures, or any other objects in abundance.

Finding a SQL Server Object

While the example demonstrates the filtering of SQL Logins, the same principles apply to any SQL object, such as tables or views.

SSMS Filter Objects

1. In SQL Management Studio (SSMS) Object Explorer, expand Security.
2. Right-click Logins and select Filter Settings.

SSMS Filter SQL Logins

3. In the prompted window, insert your variables for search.

SSMS Filter Object Settings

4. Click OK after inserting the name to filter by, wildcarded on both ends.
5. You’ll then see your filtered SQL login(s)/object(s) in the Object Explorer.

SQL Server Find Login

To clear the filter, right-click Tables and select Remove Filter.


In summary, this SSMS tip introduces a feature that SQL Admins will frequently use when navigating through extensive lists in SSMS becomes challenging.

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